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Full Disclosure
FTP is a connection-oriented protocol. Think of it like a hose. One end is at Media Flash, the other end is your computer.
While you are sending or receiving files, the system has your IP address in memory. It is used by the protocol to acknowledge each piece of the transfer was successful. When you close your browser, the connection is broken and no record is kept.
Log Files
The server software (pure-ftpd) has been compiled with an option to not record any IP addresses of connection. Log files themselves are retained for a 72-hour period for potential debugging, but they contain no personal identifiable information.
FTP is a non-encrypted protocol. Every bit you send using this method is open to snooping by anyone in-between you and your destination (our servers). While encrypted versions do exist, they require additional software be loaded on your computer and even then it doesn't protect your files while they sit on our server waiting to be downloaded.

For true security, Media Flash suggests encrypting any files to be transferred. Common compression programs like IZArc
and WinZip both support strong encryption. They have the side benefit of compressing your files, so they will transfer faster.
File Screening
Media Flash does not examine the contents of any file that passes thru its servers. Among other things, this means we do not screen files for viruses. Make sure you have up-to-date anti-virus software on your system.